The Choice

The Choice: Islam and Christianity By Ahmad Deedat

[#0426 4F2 HB 2 vols in 1, Islamic Book Service, Muhammad in the Bible & natural successor to Jesus]

The Choice: Islam & Christianity Volumes 1 & 2

Volume One 228 Pages
Volume Two 240 Pages
Publisher : Islamic Book Service, India

About The Book

In his book, Ahmed Deedat proves that Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) was referred to in the holy Bible, and that he is the natural successor to Jesus (Peace be Upon him).

Ahmed Deedat is founder of the Islamic Propagation Centre in South Africa, this book of Ahmed Deedat's is a collection of his most popular series of booklets on Islam and Christianity. While produced in an excellent low-key reference quality binding on the outside, the insides however retain the customary Deedat attention-grabbing look with bolds and capitals abounding on each page for emphasis. A truly unique book set from an equally one-of-a-kind persona.

This book examines Jesus as a prophet teaching the Unity of God, and the historical collapse of Christianity as it abandoned his teaching. The author sketches the dramatic picture of the original followers of Jesus who affirmed Unity. What emerges is that "Christianity" is the fiction that replaced their truth. A work that covers the Gospel of Barnabas, the Gospel of Hermes, the Shepherd, early and later Unitarian Christians, Jesus in the Gospels and in the Qur'an and Hadith. The author clearly shows the idea of Jesus as part of a Trinity was a Greek Pagan idea adopted by early Christian mission-aries to gain converts among the Greek, and did not become a widely accepted Christian doctrine until after the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.

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